Celebrating Our 9th Anniversary

At Transform Partner, we are celebrating the 9th anniversary, just a year more to complete the decade of transformation and learning. In the November 2010, I took the bold step to begin the new journey and setup the consultancy to partner with clients in their digital transformation journey. Nine years and we are stronger, more determined, more energetic, more curious and more supportive to our clients.

In the fast paced technological advancements, disruptive business models, changing business platforms, demanding customer’s behavior, and in the era of innovation, we are learning fast and passing the knowledge, experience to our clients to help them in their transformation vision. Our training and workshop sessions are exposing the leadership to the forthcoming challenges and how to prepare yourself and your teams to successfully adapt to that change. Our goal is to be better prepared than regret. No one (industry) is immune to the transformation.

We will take this opportunity to thanks to all our clients, vendors and supporters for trusting us in the last 9 years and giving us an opportunity to serve you.

We are always ready to partner with you to write your successful transformation story. So let’s learn, share and grow together.