Content is King, but Quality is the Queen

There is no doubt that content is the king in digital and social media marketing. But is it enough to have any content, in any form or from any source for digital transformation? By this way, do we receive any results? Does any content help us in reaching our targets? NO, certainly not. Then what is the criteria?

Quality: Quality is the main criteria of the content. Either it’s good quality or best quality data, but quality is MUST. High quality of content not only helps us in reaching our targets, but also performs well on digital and social media channels. It gives results. It engages the audience.

Now how do you do it and what do you require for developing high quality content? It’s not very easy and quick, neither it should be. After all, quality comes with a price tag and here price is the time, research, target, experience and skills. You’ve to give time to do the research on the purpose of the content, time to work with your experienced team to develop and design the concept. You need to understand the requirements of the target audience and how you’re going to engage them with your content. Another important factor is on which digital or social media platform you’re going to use, market and distribute that content.

Most of the companies don’t have resources to do the content development in house. They hire the freelancers or creative agencies to do it. But our advice is to make sure your content is original, unique and stands on its own in the already content rich internet world. Many times agencies or freelancers just pick up something from Google and do some changes like colour, fonts or some text / grammar and do the final finishing before handover to the client. These practices should be avoided. Time should be spend on developing the original and new concepts for the content. On internet, it’s easy to get caught and get embarrassed.

One more important point to consider in the quality content is the relevancy to the targeted audience. You’ve to make sure you’re producing and publishing the content required and it is engaging your prospective customers. Useless sharing of content from some sources just for the sake of sharing will not serve any purpose and it’ll deviate the prospective customers and create an impression of unreliable source for your content.

Similar criteria apply to the content marketing and distribution on digital and social media channels. Right content on right platform. B2B content should be on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter etc. B2C audience exists on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Picture content has Pinterest, Instagram etc. Content in the video format has ideal platforms like YouTube, Vimeo.

Quality content helps in communication, in conveying your message, in engaging with your audience. It also helps you in distributing your content and brining more followers, users and customers to you. Once you’re able to do that, quality queen will shower you with amazing results like we are delivering to our clients.