Cost of indecisiveness and wrong decisions

The idea of writing this blog post came after talking to many prospective leads that have been in touch with us since last few years and months. Most of them are start-ups and entrepreneurs based in UK itself. It has been many months since they have started their projects. In the beginning, they were in touch with us; spend a lot of time with us explaining their briefs, projects and requirements. We also spent weeks after weeks preparing the proposals for their projects, answering their queries, clearing their doubts, explaining them the importance of digital and social media channels. We provided them with the best of our quotations, our international portfolio and experience of working on B2B and B2C projects with clients across the globe.

Unfortunately, these entrepreneurs have opted for the CHEAP vendors in India OR many of them are still in the indecisiveness stage. The start-ups who have gone with cheap vendors are still nowhere in their projects, still zero progress on the completion or launch of their projects. And believe me it has been months now since we sent them our proposals. The projects which were supposed to get finish within weeks of time period have become mess due to the unprofessional, lack of technical skills, wrong quotations and mismanagement of the projects. At this stage, now these guys cannot change their vendors as they have already spent months of time and money. They made wrong decisions to go with cheap quotations without considering their lack of experience, skills, updated technical knowledge and market value. The people who have not taken any decision (even after several persuasion calls and emails) are still there where they were a year ago. They have lost time and opportunities to their competitors.

The conclusion:

1. Indecisiveness can cost you to lose your business and clients to your competitors as your competitors are not waiting for your decision. They have moved and taken the advantage of new technologies and adapted themselves to the changes in the business.

2. Making a wrong choice to save money can cost you severely if you have not done your homework properly. Choosing cheap vendors can be a safe option in short term, but can cost you much more than expected in the long run.

As a business, we definitely wanted to work with these clients, but at the same time offered them unbiased advice. We also have technical team based in India, but that is being managed professionally and has latest technical skills and international project management experience. It makes a big difference to work with experienced people who know the target audience of your projects and can provide you a solution which you require for the successful execution of your dream venture.

Make a right decision at the right time, so you don’t miss the opportunity and are ready to face your competition.