Digital Accelerator Hubs in India

To accelerate the #digitaltransformation in India especially among the SMEs, Digital Accelerator Hubs (DAH) should be setup in every zone especially where industrial corridors are quite prominent. The primarily focus of the DAH should be:

1. To educate and train the leadership of the SMEs on the latest digital transformation

2. To provide access to the latest technologies and how to use them in the SMEs

3. To provide information about the various vendors supporting the digital transformation with their latest products and services. (A pan India database should be created)

4. To connect the startup accelerators like Atal Tinkering Labs or Atal Innovations or private players supporting research, innovation and new products with SMEs directly

5. To regularly conduct the seminars, events, workshops for the SMEs to resolve their issues and to make them efficient and transformed

6. To give the access to SMEs of all the government policies, schemes and initiatives supporting Digital Transformation like digital payments, GST, loans disbursement etc.

7. Special training on upskilling, reskilling and various other learning to be eligible for the new job opportunities

8. Various collaboration, M&A, partnership opportunities among SMEs, startups, corporate and government bodies