Digital Skill Gap

Digital Skill Gap

Traditional businesses are being disrupted and outplayed by digitally-adept competitors, who are proving better able to meet the needs of customers. In response, many traditional organisations are investing in digital technology to drive internal change.

These are commendable endeavors. But the real challenge of digital transformation is to bridge the skills gaps of your employees.

In a global study by Fujitsu, 70% of organisations claim they lack the necessary digital skills to compete. If you can bridge the digital talent gap – by nurturing, engaging & retaining digitally-skilled employees – you can secure your organisation’s future in a VUCA world.

A study by Capgemini found that 47% of employees would move to another employer that offered better digital skills development.

Developing the digital capabilities of your existing employees is the most cost effective strategy in the long term. To achieve successful digital transformation, your organisation’s mission must emphasize that digital skills are critical at all levels.

By developing the necessary hard and soft digital skills in your organisation, you can not only enhance your brand, you can benefit from significant improvements in retaining your talent, productivity, engagement, innovation and customer satisfaction.