Digital Transformation is Culture Driven

Culture change is probably the hardest part of a digital transformation. While it is relatively easy to adopt technological solutions and take less time, changing the organisation culture requires patience and can be time-consuming. The leadership must be prepared to engage and empower the employees in this journey and most importantly lead by example.

• The first and foremost step is to educate the employees. Help them in enhancing their knowledge of the digital technologies, transformation process and its short/long terms benefits. Bring in the external consultants / subject expertise / agencies to conduct training/workshops where employees get a chance to learn the new skills, showcase their creativity and understand the new methodologies to serve the customers.

• Create an ecosystem where employees learn to experiment and encouraged to fail. Learning from such failures will help them in finding the shortcomings and how to convert them to their strengths.

• Empower your employees. Give them responsibilities. Trust them to delegate and deliver. Develop their sense of empowerment and risk taking abilities.

• And most important: Show them the results. Employees will change their mindset when they’ll see the transformation process bringing the results you’ve been claiming.