DX: Filling the Skill Gap is the Toughest Job

Digital Transformation: Filling the skill gap is the toughest job.

Most of the leaders delegating the digital transformation find it very difficult to get the right talent and right skilled people to execute their transformation plans. The question before them is whether to look outside for the right talent with right skills or find, nurture and train the in house talent.

Leaders must take a balanced approach and do both as per their needs, priority and budgets.

One most important initiative leaders must undertake is to develop an ecosystem and culture of learning, networking and collaboration. This approach will ease down the both routes to fill the skills gap and make it easy to innovate. Networking based innovation will

• Expose the right in house talent
• Engage the right leadership
• Invoke the ownership of the ideas

Collaborative mindset will bring the right external talent and skills into the team. And when you’ve a culture of learning, training, experimenting, that’ll give a boost the confidence of the internal and external talent. Leaders can also invest in outside training, workshops and development programs from consultants, tech expertise who bring best practices from outside the organization.