Social Media: It’s not just profile and postings…

Every business wants to be on social media. Especially SMEs are very much interested to have social media presence. But is it enough to have social media profiles? Will it sort out any purpose of digital transformation?

Most of the client we meet these days, just want to have social media profiles like their competitors or friends in business. It has become a social norm like having a business card. When we ask them about next, they usually say: We can update it as and when we will get time. It’s only a post to be uploaded. That’s it. We can do it ourselves.

But reality is: social media is not about just having an account / page on Facebook / Twitter or LinkedIn and not just posting any pictures or sharing any content from someone else’s wall. Social media is about communication. It’s about engagement with prospective customers. It’s about sharing useful and quality information with your audience. While using social media for business, we usually recommend devoting time: Time for communication, time for new high quality content development/ sharing / engaging and time to respond.

It’s not enough to have some social media tools on your mobile, iPad or on your laptop and just spend 10-15 minutes or schedule your posts every week / day and expect high quality loads of leads in return. For any purpose of social media accounts (either its branding, creating awareness, generating leads), you have to talk to your audience, communicate with your prospective customers, engage people with your product / services. If you don’t have time or in-house team to manage the social media campaign, then find someone who can do it for you with same passion as you’ve for your products/services. Many freelancers and creative agencies are available and can do it for a nominal fee. It’s necessary to have consistency in your communication on the contents being published on social media channels.

Social media is a terrific medium for marketing and sales of your products, but you should know how to use it. We’re delivering excellent results for our clients on social media and helping them in creating brand awareness and loads of leads generation. Do contact us for analysis and management of your social media profile and campaign or if you’ve any other query on digital transformation.