You are still in Crèche, Digital in India!

India is changing. This is my observation during current stay in India. I have visited India many times in last 8 years, but this time India is different. There is lot of positivity and optimism. The pace of change might be slow, but impact is clearly visible. I have traveled across many cities in India in the last couple of months and many of the Government of India’s initiatives are working on ground. Either it is Clean India or Digital Banking or Skill India or Make in India or Railways or Energy, I can feel the change. Considering the demography and population of India, speed is slow, but inevitable change is there.


‘Digital’ is the new BUZZ word in India these days. Starting from Digital India to Digital Banking, everyone is talking about the changes digitization or digital transformation is bringing in India. But professionally I can say, there is a long way to go for Digital in India. It is still in Creche stage. So many things are happening here. Start-ups and entrepreneurs are having their best time. Success and failure of some start ups or eCommerce venture are just the initial day’s stories of the big storm of young entrepreneurs who are working day and night in every corner of India. Investors are coming to India to invest in all kinds of projects as India is the biggest market after China and has long term potential for the business. Corporate and industry have started the digital transformation of their businesses.


I still feel that there is


  1. Lack of Professionalism: People still do not value and respect the time. Still there is lack of professionalism in the communication, egos and attitude in the behavior, false pride etc. which are making it difficult to do business.
  2. Delays in decision making: Despite of everything available online or even on the mobiles, senior management is taking long time to take decisions. Postponing the decisions and further pushing the processes are still creating resistance for professionals to work.
  3. ‘We Know it All’ Attitude: Reading from the internet or implementing with amateurs or freelance guys are NOT the best ways to know everything about Digital (Marketing or Transformation). You still need experts who have vast experience and exposure of working and delivering the results successfully on real time projects.
  4. Quick Solutions: Every week, I receive calls from Indian companies where they are looking for immediate strategies and planning in just 2 minutes of introduction to their companies and products/services. It is not practically possible. There is always a professional way to propose the strategies after studying the project and reviewing the previously implemented strategies. Quick and Cheap solutions are not good for the long term business strategies.
  5. Payment challenge: When you even get the approval from the senior management, the mid level or junior level executives still delays or create un-necessary hurdles in clearing the invoices and payments. This is very important point and should be considered on the highest priority for conducting the business in fair and smooth way.

There are many challenges in the digital transformation of any project and each project has their unique points like region, demography, culture, tradition, customer behavior etc. So no one should claim to be an expert in the digital world. With the fast changing technologies, it is very important to keep updated and abreast with the latest skills and knowledge.


There are many more points, but I have composed the above after having discussions with many business and technical persons who are very keen to work with Indian companies and contribute with their skills, knowledge and experience in the digital and technology space, but hesitant to do so considering the above real time challenges.


I am sure, with the fast pace of digital transformation in India, corporate, government institutes and people will realize their shortcomings and soon implement the right strategies to do business. There are many challenges, but uncountable opportunities for the entrepreneurs to do more and more in the digital landscape in India. Let’s work together for the bright future of India.