Success of the Digital Transformation: Educate and Train the TOP leadership

I have always believed and firmly stated in all my engagements on digital transformation that learning and education of the top leadership at board level and senior management level is of utmost importance to get the desired outcome in the digital transformation journey. In order to educate the leadership, a strong training program and well framed workshops are very crucial.

– Assessing the digital maturity of the organisation
– Evaluating the available resources including the right talent and skills
– Reviewing the current challenges
– Competitive analysis
– Strong case studies and examples of the successful and failure DX
– Sharing the latest and upcoming technologies, innovations and how digital disruption is impacting the business
– Changes in the customer’s behavior and customer experience
– New business models and platforms
– Opportunities to grab
– Framework on digital strategy, filling the talent gaps, innovation opportunities
– Think big, start small, act fast
– Collaboration is the crucial key
– How and what to prioritize according to the urgency level, objective and investment
– How to transform the legacy
– How to build the learning ecosystem
– Who will lead from the front (accountability)
– Most importantly: KPI and ROIs (performance and governance)

At Transform Partner, we conduct the learning, training and workshops on innovation and digital transformation covering the above mentioned outline which can be customized as per the organization’s requirements, stage of the digital transformation, complexity in the implementation and frequency of the training and workshops.

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The author Raj Grover is a strategic consultant working with corporate, government bodies, and startups across the globe. He formulates strategies, policies and planning, structure and road map, works on innovative ideas, new product development and has access to disruptive technologies. His customized workshops and training sessions help the leadership and teams in adapting a clear vision for their digital transformation journey.

He is the founder of Transform Partner, the digital transformation consultancy based in UK and India. He can be reached at: raj(at)