Turn Advertising into Conversations

Everything is becoming more conversational; whether it’s through devices such as your phone, your speaker and eventually your car…We asked ourselves, ‘Hey if this shift is happening, why can’t marketing be more conversational?’ Co-founder and ex-Google adman Vic Fatnani told TechCrunch

The concept of interactive advertising is not new, however the layer of richness added by conversation has potential to benefit both brands and consumers – the latter accessing immediate and personalized product info, the former generating granular data on customer requirements and queries. How people react to chatbots popping up and peddling wares is to be seen.

Instead of building a chatbot and just letting consumers find it on their own website or app, brands can integrate it into their advertising, allowing people who see the ad to ask questions and provide feedback.

Fatnani said, “The brands and developers bring the conversational experience to us, and we distribute that experience all over the web.”

To do this, the platform integrates with chatbot tools like Dialogue Flow, Microsoftbot Framework, LiveEngage and Blip. It’s also partnered with Valassis Digital and LivePerson (the Kia campaign happened through Valassis).