Weekly packages for start ups and small – medium sized companies

Before you get busy with long weekend plans, we would like to thank you for the overwhelming response to our new responsive website www.transformpartner.com  and offer our new packages.

Since the launch of new website and new services last month, we have met various teams of start ups and small / medium sized companies. Most of them are going through the same sort of problems. After hearing their concerns about spending on marketing (online and offline) and Return on Investment (ROI), we’ve decided to offer more flexible plans for our consultation services.

We’re introducing our new packages:
1. Weekly payment plans
2. Weekly contracts
3. PayPal: as a new method to make quick payment. We’re still using the online transfer as a mode of payment for our UK and EU based clients.

We do understand the current economic downturn, therefore always happy to cooperate with our prospective clients. Let us know if you need any more facility or have any other plans. We’ll certainly review it for mutual beneficial purpose.

Please contact us for any query or more information on our weekly plans / packages.