Fujitsu: Digital Transformation Centers

Fujitsu is undergoing a massive restructuring with artificial intelligence a top priority, bringing it up against the likes of Amazon, Apple and Google in the race for advancements and market share as the Japanese technology company opens a new subsidiary to develop AI.

Fujitsu Intelligence Technology opened this month in Vancouver with an initial capital investment of $4.6 million.

As part of its transformation, Fujitsu has opened digital centers for its customers in London and Munich this year where it has helped co-create 40 new solutions in security, AI and data analytics, among other concepts, that are now under further development.

Fujitsu has also built a new technology solution for Microsoft Azure Stack to provide businesses with public cloud storage space that can provide the same control over data to its customers as a private cloud offering can.

“The core value of digital transformation is to move things quickly; more specifically, getting technology closer to the end-consumer or the end-citizen in the shortest possible time-frame,” Joachim Box, head of Fujitsu’s co-creation and digital transformation centers

Fujitsu is targeting revenues of ¥3.5 trillion by 2022. As part of its ongoing restructuring, Fujitsu has announced drastic reforms to improve profit.