Pitney Bowes: Digital Transformation Strategy Case Study

In a pivot toward shipping and e-commerce technology, Pitney Bowes has implemented a digital transformation strategy that’s arguably setting the new industry standard.

Of course, no digital transformation can be called truly successful if it’s not driving business results. After years of stalled growth, in 2018 Pitney Bowes saw its 2nd consecutive year of revenue growth, marking its best revenue growth in a decade.

-As just one proof point of their digital transformation, “craftsmen of commerce” created the SendPro, a first-of-its-kind sending device for the modern mailer that combines hardware, software, and IoT capabilities.

SendPro C-Series was recognized by the International Design Awards.

-As another milestone in its DX journey, Pitney Bowes created a digital ecosystem that would enhance the CX regardless of how they interact with the company. Today, 600,000 of the roughly one million Pitney Bowes customers engage with its streamlined online experience–where they can do everything from buy supplies and view postage usage to learn USPS rates and seek technical support.

-80% of consumers still prefer to receive physical statements and invoices. It was a reminder that for all the strides companies are making, there’s still a broader digital transformation happening today.

Source: Inc. Magazine