Singapore Airlines: Digital Innovation Lab

Its systems cannot afford to fail in the sky, but Singapore Airlines wants its employees on the ground to know they do not always need to succeed when it comes to digital innovation.

Through its digital innovation lab, SIA aims to provide a platform on which anyone can try out new ideas, and fail, without any fear their role in the company could be negatively impacted, according to @George Wang, senior VP of IT at Singapore Airlines (SIA).

Lab was set up as part of the airline’s digital innovation blueprint and digital transformation efforts, through which it hoped to beef up its digital capabilities and cultivate “an open innovation culture” within the organisation.

Wang noted that SIA’s digital transformation strategy centred on four key elements: technical capabilities and infrastructure, digital culture, resource and capabilities, and innovation.

Wang said there also were plans to move SIA’s operations to the cloud and adopt a cloud-first strategy. Apart from cost savings, this transition would increase the airline’s speed to market, he said.

To ensure every employee was fully onboard with the company’s digital transformation strategy, training courses had been planned to help its ground staff be “agile, data-driven, and customer-centric”, he noted.

Source: ZDNet