Funding for Startups in India

We have started working with Indian Startups, Entrepreneurs, Founders and Investors. We have come on board with them to help them in business planning, digital strategies, product development, execution of their venture as well as we are facilitating funds or investment from investors in our network.  We have successfully secured funding for couple of ventures into the E-commerce, Technology and Fashion verticals.

We have also created a group on Facebook: Fundraising for Indian Startups


Anyone interest, can join this group and get the useful information on startups, investment, equity, company setup, any legal / technical / marketing / branding / traction or any kind of help for their startup venture.

Our talks are going with several startups in India who are looking for investment / investors to come on board and help their ventures [healthcare, energy, education, wearable technology, logistic and transport, food tech, financial and payment etc]. We have certain modalities and procedure in place to facilitate funding. Please contact us for more information.