New Changes Effective from 06.04.15

We are making the following changes to our services w.e.f. 06.04.15

1. We are increasing our fees by 15-25% on all our services. On average, the increase will be 20%. It won’t include any 3rd party services which will remain as per their fee plans.

2. All the quotation sent within the last 45 days of 06.04.15 will automatically include the new hike in fees if not signed up before 06.04.15

3. Quotation sent before the 45 days of 06.04.15 will stand null and void from 06.04.15. Any prospective client, who has received these quotations, will have to ask for new quotations and proposal for their projects.

4. From 06.04.15, any quotation will have validity period of 21 days as compared to earlier 45 days. If the prospective client doesn’t sign up within 21 days, the quotation will stand null and void. The client can send us their request to hold the quotation. In case no such request is received within 21 days, the quotation will automatically become null and void.

5. We are now receiving payments via PayPal. You can use your PayPal account to send us your payments. Even if you don’t have PayPal account, still you can use your credit / debit cards to send your payments via PayPal. It’s easy, quick and won’t cost you any additional charges.

Please contact for any information or query.