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Retail Digital Transformation: Spanish Firm Inditex

Retail Digital Transformation: Spanish firm Inditex Inditex opened its first Zara store in 1975. In the following 4 decades, this vertically integrated apparel manufacturer and marketer expanded throughout the world into more than 120 countries with 10,000 physical stores. Any company undergoing such dramatic brick-and-mortar expansion might be at risk of failing to adapt quickly...
BNP Paribas
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Innovation by BNP Paribas Bank

Digital Transformation: Recent innovations introduced by BNP Paribas to improve customer experiences Hello Bank! – This digital bank enables customers to open an account in a few clicks and take out a loan online, while being able to benefit from the support of a remote advisor if needed. Didid – A mobile app that lets...
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Research Interview with ESCP Business School, Berlin, Germany

To prepare and support a thesis for a research of a post graduate in management student from ESCP business school, Berlin, Germany, yesterday I was interviewed on the “Digital Transformation in Media and Entertainment industry” and new digital products and innovation. Global revenue in the entertainment industry will reach 1.7 trillion Euro in 2020 and...
DX Learning and Training
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DX Learning and Training Workshops

In the Digital Transformation DX Learning Session, we begin by asking: Why do you want to learn? What inspired or (forced) you to join this session? What's your purpose? Will you move to next level and implement the learning somewhere? Learning is useful when you apply or implement somewhere. Learning is useful when you go...
InCase Stories

Retailer Magazine Luiza, or Magalu: the Amazon of Brazil

Lauded as “the Amazon of Brazil,” retailer Magazine Luiza, or Magalu, has cemented itself as one of the most spectacular digital transformation success stories in any industry. From launching an online marketplace to speeding up deliveries with an Uber-like service, the company has aggressively harnessed technology to better serve its customers—and customers have responded, helping...
Disruptive Technologies 2020
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Five Disruptive Technologies Expected to Impact 2020

Five specific disruptive technologies expected to impact 2020: With Americans using 4,416,720 GB of data every minute, a DOMO report found, there is plenty of data to go around. Here are NTT's top five data-driven disruptive technologies predicted to make a splash in 2020. 1. Digital Twinning: As IoT devices continue advancing, from sensors to...
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DX: Filling the Skill Gap is the Toughest Job

Digital Transformation: Filling the skill gap is the toughest job. Most of the leaders delegating the digital transformation find it very difficult to get the right talent and right skilled people to execute their transformation plans. The question before them is whether to look outside for the right talent with right skills or find, nurture…
digital disruption 2020
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6 Tips for Surviving Digital Disruption in 2020

Too risky not to prepare: 6 tips for surviving digital disruption in 2020 “Success in 2020 means increasing the preparedness of both the IT organization and the enterprise to withstand impending business disruption by planning for it ahead of time.” The honeymoon for digital transformation is over. 40% CIOs claim to have reached scale for…