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Construction Industry Being Reshaped By Technology

This week I had long discussion with TUSHAR NATH who has joined a construction company in Singapore recently and given the responsibility of Digital Transformation. The subject was how the multi-trillion dollar construction industry is being reshaped by technology. And today I had access to the report from CB Insights on the same. Starting point…
Corporate workshop digital transformation
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Corporate Workshop for Innovation and Digital Transformation

Corporate Workshop for Innovation and Digital Transformation Digital Transformation has become a complex initiative for the organisations because of many pain points in the process and innumerable challenges: • Unclear road map, uncertain technology and unclear product road maps due to rapid advances • Dilemma of in-house vs. outsourcing • Lack of digital skills and…
Pain Point of the Digital Transformation
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Pain Points of the Digital Transformation

The biggest pain points and problems in the Digital Transformation for the companies: • Unclear Road map: Uncertain technology and products • In-house vs. Outsourced • Availability of the digital skills and talent • Organisational resistance to change • Expensive investments in “#Innovation” centers and new acquisitions • Avoiding #research to reduce the cost •…
Disruption Strategy
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Success Strategy for Disruption

The fundamental definition of how customers experience and interact with a #bank is being challenged and redefined, and leading companies face competition from a myriad of disruptors. KPMG in its report “Setting Course in a disruptive market place” offers 5 Steps for a positive #DigitalTransformation to the financial institutions hoping to capitalize on rather than…
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Myths and Realities of the Digital Transformation

Myths and Realities of the Digital Transformation Trying to be prepared for a single moment is why your digital transformation is failing, says the Industry X.0 lead at Accenture UK. In a recent Accenture survey of more than 1,000 industrial company executives, only 13% said their companies are getting both cost-saving efficiencies and new growth…
external digital transformation consultants
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Importance of External Consultants to the Digital Transformation

Yesterday someone asked about the importance of external consultants to the digital transformation of the corporate during a discussion on LinkedIn. Just summarizing the values consultants like us can bring on the table: • Expertise • Experience of different industries and domains • Working exposure with competitors • Technology trends • Hands on experience with…
Happy Bday transformpartner
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6th Anniversary of our Brand

We are celebrating the 6th Anniversary of our Brand – ‘weputonline.com’.  Come and join the success celebrations of our Digital Transformation Agency – a Brand Creating Brands!! The journey which started on November 3rd, 2010 has completed six years of successful business. Today transformpartner.com has become a brand which is now helping other companies and…