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Digital Banking in Asia Pacific

Digital Banking and Tech Giants in Asia Pacific 85% and 81% of customers in metropolitan Mainland China and metropolitan India, respectively, are Progressive Pioneers who lead the demand for product and experience innovation in financial services. Trust in their personal digital-ecosystem suppliers is so high that many of these firms score higher than insurers and…
Happy Bday transformpartner
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6th Anniversary of our Brand

We are celebrating the 6th Anniversary of our Brand – ‘weputonline.com’.  Come and join the success celebrations of our Digital Transformation Agency – a Brand Creating Brands!! The journey which started on November 3rd, 2010 has completed six years of successful business. Today transformpartner.com has become a brand which is now helping other companies and…
funding for Indian Startups
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Funding for Startups in India

We have started working with Indian Startups, Entrepreneurs, Founders and Investors. We have come on board with them to help them in business planning, digital strategies, product development, execution of their venture as well as we are facilitating funds or investment from investors in our network.  We have successfully secured funding for couple of ventures…
Quality or cost
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Quality vs Cost: What is your preference?

Experiences of the last week have forced me to write this blog post on quality versus cost. I’ll write down three separate incidences of the last week and two other similar ones. 1. One of my very good friends called me and asked me if I can help their air conditioning and boiler repair guy…