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Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is an exciting strategy with “84% of marketers worldwide saying they would launch at least one influencer campaign within the next 12 months” according to eMarketer. Yet there are many #marketers unsure how to start influencer relations programs, what can be achieved and how to measure success. There are also several challenges such…
Digital in India - transformpartner
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You are still in Crèche, Digital in India!

India is changing. This is my observation during current stay in India. I have visited India many times in last 8 years, but this time India is different. There is lot of positivity and optimism. The pace of change might be slow, but impact is clearly visible. I have traveled across many cities in India…
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Content is King, but Quality is the Queen

There is no doubt that content is the king in digital and social media marketing. But is it enough to have any content, in any form or from any source for digital transformation? By this way, do we receive any results? Does any content help us in reaching our targets? NO, certainly not. Then what…
Quality or cost
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Quality vs Cost: What is your preference?

Experiences of the last week have forced me to write this blog post on quality versus cost. I’ll write down three separate incidences of the last week and two other similar ones. 1. One of my very good friends called me and asked me if I can help their air conditioning and boiler repair guy…
Digital transformation services
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Major changes in our services

From 1st July 2014, we’re introducing few new services and couple of old one will be taken off from the portfolio. New one are: 1. Digital transformation 2. Digital risk into social media and internet technologies 3. Corporate Training on Social Media and Digital Marketing These services will be available for B2B and B2C clients…
B2B B2C Leads
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Wanted More: B2B and B2C Leads

In the New Year, we’re looking forward to work with more clients. Therefore we’re running this campaign to sign up new clients. If you’re looking for any of following services or have any clients or leads for us, please send us the enquiry NOW. We’ve good portfolio of clients from various B2B and B2C sectors:…