30-60-90 Day Digital Transformation Action Plans

Digital Transformation Action Plans

Digital Transformation Action Plans to Design the Strategies and Build the Transformation Roadmap

After multiple meetings, discussions, suggestions and feedback from the top leadership and peers in the industry, we have come up with “Four Digital Transformation Action Plans” to build the digital transformation roadmap for our clients:

  1. 30-Day Digital Transformation Action Plan
  2. 60-Day Digital Transformation Action Plan
  3. 90-Day Digital Transformation Action Plan
  4. Custom Digital Transformation Action Plan

These plans have been designed considering various parameters like immediate requirements, goals, objectives, deliverables, time and cost.

We have also come up with a ‘Custom Digital Transformation Action Plan’ to accommodate the specific requirements of the clients like pick and choose the deliverables from the above three plans and / or add like ‘Innovation Programs’ or ‘Designing the Learning Ecosystem’ or learning and training workshops for knowledge transfers, any framework, business models, architecture etc. There are conditions with minimum days and cost.

As we know one size doesn’t fit all, therefore the size of the organisations and domains of the business activities will make a difference to the cost of each plan.

Please ask for more details before signing up for any of these plans with us or with any competitors.

Learning from the failures and preparing a roadmap with mitigated risks is essential for the transformation strategies.

  • Let’s design the best innovation programs for your transformation.
  • Let’s create an impactful “intrapreneurship” in your transformation.
  • Let’s design the new “Learning Ecosystem” for your transformation.
  • Let’s learn about the collaborative approach to bring new ideas, people and product for your customers.
  • Let’s prepare your teams and organisation for the challenges and opportunities coming from new technological advancement, changes in customer behavior and new business models and platforms.
  • Let’s build ‘People Centric’ transformation roadmap.
  • Let’s make sure our teams take ‘Data Driven’ decisions bases on insightful analytics.
  • Let’s be clear about KPIs and ROI from the digital transformation initiatives.
  • Let’s have the latest tools, technologies, frameworks, architecture, methodologies and business models.
  • Let’s develop a new ‘Work Culture’ and encourage ‘Open Mindset’ approach to business and customers.
  • And above all let’s offer new values to our employees, to our customers, to our vendors and all stakeholders.

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