Learning Ecosystem Framework

Learning Ecosystem Framework

The Learning Ecosystem Framework for the Digital Transformation from Transform Partner

Transform Partner has developed the framework for building the learning ecosystem as part of the digital transformation strategies. As we all know, without cultural transformation, digital transformation cannot successfully achieve its objectives.

The need of digital transformation, increasing pace of innovation and market disruption have given new importance to workplace learning and development. With new technologies and new products constantly popping up, and the short life for new skills, workplaces need to become environments for constant learning. That’s how you disrupt the disruption, build a self-planning workforce and become agile enough to evolve well into the future. We help in understanding and building your learning ecosystem.

Our learning ecosystem framework has nine components:

  1. Skill Development Center
  2. Innovation Lab
  3. Intrapreneurship
  4. External Partners
  5. Tools and Technologies
  6. Learning Resources
  7. Community
  8. Opportunities
  9. Research and Development

In case you are looking forward to grow your revenue over the next two three years OR

  • you need to change your business model to unlock growth potential
  • anticipating the need to increase collaboration with an ecosystem of partners, entrepreneurs, technology experts and suppliers to grow
  • do not currently have a specific person or system, with clear metrics and performance measurements
  • do not currently engage with partners outside of your core competency

Then this learning ecosystem framework can definitely help you in acquiring new skills, developing new products, a community of learners, platforms for learning, resources, facilitating the intrapreneurship, collaboration with external ecosystem etc.etc.

From understanding the need (WHY) of the learning ecosystem to HOW to build the learning ecosystem for the success of the digital transformation journey of organisation, we offer

  • The training / workshop sessions for the leadership teams
  • On board consultation in building the learning system

Drop us an email to inquire about more details and building your learning ecosystem.