Corporate Workshop on Innovation and Digital Transformation

corporate workshop digital transformation innovation

Digital Transformation has become a complex initiative for the organisations because of many pain points in the process and innumerable challenges:

  • Unclear road map, uncertain technology and unclear product road maps due to rapid advances
  • Dilemma of in-house vs. outsourcing
  • Lack of digital skills and talent
  • Internal organizational resistance to change
  • Expensive investments in “Innovation” centers and new acquisitions.
  • Avoiding advanced R&D to reduce the cost
  • Limited, scarce resources for new initiatives
  • Producing a variety of digital innovations that cannibalize existing businesses
  • Lack of integration of innovations with existing company
  • ROI focus: Senior executive focus on short-term results, with limited future leadership and vision
  • Powerful industry competitors that force defense of current businesses
  • New tech-based competition from the startups that increases risks from transformations, including new business models as well as new technology

To ease the process of digital transformation and to encourage innovation and design thinking in the organisation, our customized corporate workshop and training addresses the major pain points and offer solutions.

“An organisation’s ability to learn, and translate that learning
into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.” – Jack Welch

Our corporate workshop and training programs covers the digital transformation strategies, various case studies from respective verticals (including success and failure examples), the ways in which we can organize for innovation, the implementation of digital innovations in existing organizational systems and structures, and we conclude by understanding the ways in which digital transformation and innovation affect work in all levels of the organization.

The major areas of focus:

  • Digital innovation and strategic opportunities of platforms and ecosystems
  • Value propositions and business models in the digital age
  • Digital skills and talent
  • Organizational ecosystem that facilitate or frustrate innovation
  • Design thinking and lean model for developing digital innovation(s)
  • Customer centric approach and products
  • Experiment, measure and implement
  • How to cope with existing IT architectures and legacy systems
  • How to overcome organizational barriers to innovation
  • Ways in which managers and employees can work with unexpected consequences of digital technologies for work and organizing
  • Collaborative opportunities

Our training sessions have hands on experiences, real life problems, challenges with the digital transformation, how to face them and how to find solutions to impact their customer experiences, better utilization of the technology, developing new products and obviously the revenues / market share.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” – Steve Jobs

Your Take Aways


  • Learn about the digital innovation landscape, the importance of ‘experimental’ ecosystems and platforms
  • Learn processes for developing and implementing creative and innovative digital solutions
  • Learn to anticipate potential strategic, technological, and cultural implications and risks of digital innovation
  • Success and failure case studies


  • Be more inquisitive and creative in thinking about new opportunities, new products, new user experiences with digital innovations
  • Be more constructively reflective regarding digital innovation and unexpected consequences
  • Be having more collaborative approach towards intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs

At the end of the corporate workshop sessions, participants will be able to visualize the changes necessary in the organization to embrace digital innovation, to take risks, to encourage creativity and experiments, to create customer centric products.

  • Design your organizational transformation map.
  • Develop insight by making a series of fully-informed decisions about what approach or technique may be most useful for you and your organization’s transformation efforts.
  • Craft an action plan with short and long term measurable goals.
  • The approach that will work best for your organization
  • Synchronize efforts and pace with your strategy

Verticals: Banking and Finance (including Fintech, Insurtech, Payments), Retail (Ecommerce), Healthcare, Startup (Tech based), Ad Agencies, Management Consultancy, Hospitality (Hotels and Tourism), Government bodies, and any other corporate willing to train their employees on digital transformation, digital thinking, innovative product development and customer centric approach.

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