Digital Transformation Ecosystem

Digital Transformation Ecosystem Services

Transform Partner has developed the digital transformation ecosystem where we give emphasis to cultural transformation to begin with. As we all know, without cultural transformation, digital transformation cannot successfully achieve its objectives.

1. Cultural Transformation: Do you encourage ‘siloed’ theory of work culture? Are you strategies business centric rather than people centric? Do you discourage or ignore the idea of ‘remote working’? Are you risk averse and avoid experiments? It’s time for you to think about the cultural transformation then. In the fast changing corporate culture, there is certainly a need to be ‘Open Minded’ approach and acceptance to new ideas. So to support our clients in their cultural transformation, we have two initiatives:

a. Learning Ecosystem: The need of digital transformation, increasing pace of innovation and market disruption have given new importance to workplace learning and development. With new technologies and new products constantly popping up, and the short life for new skills, workplaces need to become environments for constant learning. That’s how you disrupt the disruption, build a self-planning workforce and become agile enough to evolve well into the future. We help in understanding and building your learning ecosystem with our learning ecosystem framework.

b. Experience Culture: Working in silos and creating amazing experiences can never happen. Internal teams, agencies, technology partners, support vendors, all must be aligned and working towards the same objective of the transformation. The very experience we create for our teams is reflected in the customer experience. People take in the whole sum of an object rather than its components: Think of your experience that way. We help in designing the “Experience Culture” in the organisations.

2. Learning and Training Workshop: Another important part of the digital transformation is the learning and awareness of the leadership. Education, training, and learning of new digital skills are most essential for the success of the digital transformation. Either leadership who has to take a call on the transformation or the executives who have to implement the change, learning and training of new skills with latest updates on advancements of technology and innovation are delivered in our customized training programs and workshops

a. Digital Transformation: Our training sessions and workshops help the team to become familiar with the latest happening in the technology and business world. At the same time, team learns the ways to begin the transformation journey, outline the staged road map, design thinking, innovative approach, new product development, and get the chance to study various successful and failure case stories from the industry. Customized sessions are designed in consultation with leadership considering their short and long term goals and challenges in mind.

b. Intrapreneurship: Entrepreneurship leadership is about a new vision for the future, built a strategy to implement the vision, and chose the right organisational structure to drive the execution of the strategy. Entrepreneurship is also about learning. Innovation is a discipline, and it requires the help of trainer for intrapreneur to become innovators. We at Transform Partner, have exclusive customized plans for the training and workshops for the corporate intrapreneurs. We can help you in establishing the innovation setups and intrapreneurship ecosystem in your organisation.

3. New Product Development and Innovation: Due to changes in customer preferences, increasing competition, advance technology or changes in market trends can force any organisation to be innovative and develop new products to sustain in business. We help you improve the way you manage technology and innovation so they become a true source of competitive advantage for your business. We work with leadership in understanding the new challenges, formulating the strategies and introducing the new products utilizing the disruptive technologies. We may be ambitious, innovative thinkers, but we’re pragmatic and commercially astute too. We never forget that profitability is a vital component of the product development equation.

4. Innovation Labs: To take the advantage of technology, utilize the entrepreneurial skills of the team, to stay ahead in the competition and for new skill development, leadership are setting up the innovation labs within organisation or within business community. We help them in setting up the labs with clarity on the short and long term goals, road map strategies and outcome in the form of Return on Investment (ROI), or in house talent development or research on new products for better customer experience.

5. Collaboration: Collaboration is more than technological tools. It’s more than a cultural willingness to work together to come up with new ideas. In the fast paced technological advancements, innovation and increasing customer demands, no business can have all the resources or access to technologies or necessary talent and expertise within organisation. In the business environment created by the Industry 4.0 revolution, the most successful companies will be those that forge strong, collaborative ties with their customers, partners, suppliers, and other stakeholders. With a pool of entrepreneurs, and network with technology experts across the globe, we help the leadership in collaboration with startups, technology expertise and arranging the talent to work together.

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