Portfolio of our clients are as diverse as our skills. We have worked within all major industries and sectors and ready to explore more in the coming days. Our client portfolio has clients from:

  1. Banking and Finance (including Payments / Lending / Fintech)
  2. Healthcare
  3. Retail
  4. Oil and Gas + Energy
  5. Manufacturing
  6. Supply Chain and Logistics
  7. Government Bodies
  8. Smart City
  9. Transportation and Automobile
  10. Education

Some of our recently finished / on going projects from the digital transformation portfolio:

– Complete infrastructure and networking for the electric vehicles charging in smart city project,

– Introducing telehealth and telemedicine for our healthcare professionals clients in UK,

– Healthtech wearable device (Currently working) for hospital and insurance client,

– Designing the predictive analytics platform for the retailers,

– Digital financial lending systems

– Digital transformation prospects, and analysis for an oil and energy client

– Challenges for automation in supply chain in post COVID world

– New technologies implementation (kinda search engine) in education domain for ‘Overseas Education’ are some of the projects accomplished in last couple of years for UK, EU and US clients.