Maximizing the Return of Digital Investments

As per the World Economic Forum latest white paper on Digital Transformation and Maximizing the Return on Digital Investments:

“It is not enough to have a chief digital officer. The digital agenda must be driven from the top.”

Some Excerpt:

Five key enablers to maximize the return on digital investments emerged from the discussions with industry leaders:

• Agile and digital-savvy leadership: Maintaining a strategic vision, purpose, skills, intent and alignment across management levels to ensure a nimble decision making process on #innovation

• Forward-looking skills agenda: Infusing a digital mindset in the workforce by making innovation the focus of training and hiring programmes

• Ecosystem thinking: Collaborating within the value chain (e.g. with suppliers, distributors, customers) and outside (e.g. startups, academia)

• Data access and management: Driving competitiveness through strong data infrastructure and warehouse capability combined with the right analytics and communication tools

• Technology infrastructure readiness: Building the required #technology infrastructure to ensure strong capabilities on cloud, cyber security and inter-operability

We have the copy of the report. Please ask if anyone wants to read.