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DX Learning and Training
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DX Learning and Training Workshops

In the Digital Transformation DX Learning Session, we begin by asking: Why do you want to learn? What inspired or (forced) you to join this session? What's your purpose? Will you move to next level and implement the learning somewhere? Learning is useful when you apply or implement somewhere. Learning is useful when you go...
Disruptive Technologies 2020
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Five Disruptive Technologies Expected to Impact 2020

Five specific disruptive technologies expected to impact 2020: With Americans using 4,416,720 GB of data every minute, a DOMO report found, there is plenty of data to go around. Here are NTT's top five data-driven disruptive technologies predicted to make a splash in 2020. 1. Digital Twinning: As IoT devices continue advancing, from sensors to...
tech giants banks
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Prediction on Tech Giants Vs Banks has come true

What I predicted last year (Tech Giants vs Banks) has come true. Google is the latest tech giants to enter into banking sector. The move follows the Facebook Pay, Apple Pay, Uber Money, Amazon, Walmart, Alibaba and Tencent. The tech giants have started to make use of its massive customer base, enhanced customer experience, latest…
SMEs Fintech
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SMEs using FinTechs Products and Services

According to EY 2019 Global Fintech Adoption Index, 25% of SMEs worldwide have used services in the past six months provided by FinTechs in all of these four categories: • Banking and payments • Financial management • Financing and • Insurance. This clearly is an opportunity for banks to explore by • Providing working capital...
Retail Banking
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TOP 5 Trends in Retail Banking in 2020

Considering the fast paced technological advancements and highly demanding customer’s behavior, my prediction for the TOP 5 Trends in Retail Banking in 2020 would be: 1. TechGiants emerge as a big challenge to existing banking business. TechGiants to watch in 2020 are a. Apple Pay b. Uber Money c. Amazon d. Facebook Libra e. Ant...
Transform Partner 9th Anniversary
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Celebrating Our 9th Anniversary

At Transform Partner, we are celebrating the 9th anniversary, just a year more to complete the decade of transformation and learning. In the November 2010, I took the bold step to begin the new journey and setup the consultancy to partner with clients in their digital transformation journey. Nine years and we are stronger, more...
skill expertise DX talent
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DX: Filling the Skill Gap is the Toughest Job

Digital Transformation: Filling the skill gap is the toughest job. Most of the leaders delegating the digital transformation find it very difficult to get the right talent and right skilled people to execute their transformation plans. The question before them is whether to look outside for the right talent with right skills or find, nurture...
digital disruption 2020
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6 Tips for Surviving Digital Disruption in 2020

Too risky not to prepare: 6 tips for surviving digital disruption in 2020 "Success in 2020 means increasing the preparedness of both the IT organization and the enterprise to withstand impending business disruption by planning for it ahead of time.” The honeymoon for digital transformation is over. 40% CIOs claim to have reached scale for...