Market Research for a PR Agency

Vertical: PR and Communication Agency | Market Research

Region: Middle East and North Africa (MENA region)

Client Overview: A well reputed International PR, communication and ad agency.

Project Objective:

  • Market Research and Feasibility Report

Case Story:

Few years ago we came on board with a PR agency in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region to help them with a Market Research project and prepare a feasibility report. The challenge was to build the community, business and reputation. The agency wanted to create the space for Digital Marketing services which had huge potential in the region. The Social Media platforms like Facebook and Twitter were growing slowly. Videos via YouTube were gaining popularity.
We did the competitive analysis, market research, popular trends and prepared the reports on the SWOT. We also provided recommendation on how to provide values to the industry, clients and community using content, digital channels and technologies.
We also suggested the importance of KPI, metrics and planning for short and long term goals for the success in the region. Our innovative and creative ideas were widely accepted and we received appreciation for the ‘Out of the Box’ thought process.
It’s very important to understand the requirements of the clients and create a ‘feel’ factor where vibes should match. That kind of bonding makes the win-win situation for both parties.

Digital Channels | Solution:

Market Research | Strategic Consultation