Turnaround Business Management – Our New Service

In the last few months of 2014, we have approached many companies, organisation, entrepreneurs and start-up ventures for digital transformation of their businesses. Most of them are small and medium sized companies. And as expected, many of them have not responded. A higher percentage of companies have delayed or pushed it for consideration at a later stage, which never came. People don’t want to change or transform their businesses when in comfort zone.

On 24th December 2014, just a day before Christmas, City Link Limited, the supply and chain company went into administration. This was the last big company going to administration in 2014 in UK, leaving more than 3700 (direct and self employed) employees jobless.

This is just another case of many companies going in to administration in UK since the financial recession in 2008. Companies mostly SMEs are facing problems these days, mostly with finance, marketing and some are unable to cope up with the competition in the market. Many high street retailers have to close down their businesses because online businesses and facilities to do shopping on mobiles and tablets / iPads have severely affected their businesses. The companies which did not change with the time and didn’t adopted business transformation, they became history. The similar fate is certain for other companies who are not planning to change their business model and methods of business operation.

I tried to contact Ernst and Young to turnaround the City Link business, but I was informed that it’s too late and there is not enough time and finance to turnaround the business. I felt quite sad for thousands of workers who had the bad news of redundancy on the eve of Christmas and New Year. I decided I should take a step and help the companies facing troubled business and falling / failing performances. With an experience of more than 16 years into business development, marketing, entering the new markets and working in many countries across Europe and South Asia, I’ve required skills and exposure to turnaround the business facing difficult times. I’ve been doing digital transformation for many companies since last many years. I’ve the confidence that, with the new technologies, innovative ideas, creative concepts, real passion for business and collaboration with experts’ teams, it’s possible to turn around any falling business. The only condition is to act on time.

If you’re in similar situation, don’t wait till the last wood burns. Be ready for transformation. Change your thinking, change the way you operate, change your business model else your business will become history in fast changing technologies. We are here to bring your business again on-line, on track to streamline your revenues, sales and profits. We will put you on-line: transformpartner.

Don’t delay or push the transformation for a later stage. You’ve to create the ideal situation for the transformation. Get in touch with us today.