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funding for Indian Startups
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Funding for Startups in India

We have started working with Indian Startups, Entrepreneurs, Founders and Investors. We have come on board with them to help them in business planning, digital strategies, product development, execution of their venture as well as we are facilitating funds or investment from investors in our network.  We have successfully secured funding for couple of ventures…
SEO agency London
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Change of the Parent Company

SUBJECT: Parent Company Change Announcement   It is hereby announced that the Digital Transformation Agency has become part of the D Media Labs and will operate under the same. The assets and liabilities of the will be transferred from CAROM Ltd to the D Media Labs. All the properties [including website, logo, business…
changes at
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New Changes Effective from 06.04.15

We are making the following changes to our services w.e.f. 06.04.15 1. We are increasing our fees by 15-25% on all our services. On average, the increase will be 20%. It won’t include any 3rd party services which will remain as per their fee plans. 2. All the quotation sent within the last 45 days…
Digital transformation services
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Major changes in our services

From 1st July 2014, we’re introducing few new services and couple of old one will be taken off from the portfolio. New one are: 1. Digital transformation 2. Digital risk into social media and internet technologies 3. Corporate Training on Social Media and Digital Marketing These services will be available for B2B and B2C clients…