90 Days Action Plan

At Transform Partner, our 90 days ACTION plan is out for the organisations and leadership willing to begin their digital transformation journey. The remaining days of 2020 are very important for your business to begin preparing the transformation strategies and roadmap.

In the 90 days, we will assess your readiness; find out your capabilities, capacity and resources. We will educate you; make you aware about the challenges coming from new technologies, innovation, changing customer behavior, new business models. We will examine your digital maturity; evaluate your current processes and procedures. We will talk to your leadership / board / executive teams, engage them, involve them and prepare them for the digital transformation journey.

Our analysis will help in finding the gap, priority areas, problem statement and challenges. From explanation of WHY to WHAT needs to done, WHERE to begin and HOW to start, we will work with your teams in preparing the strategies and roadmap.

By the beginning of 2021, you will be ready with your planning and roadmap to start the implementation without further delays.

Get in touch with us today. Time is running fast and do not delay or postpone your decision further. Press the RESET button.

Transform Partner: The Digital Transformation Consultancy offers to its’ clients

1. Strategic consultation, roadmap, strategies and planning for the digital transformation journey

2. Cultural transformation with designing the “Learning Ecosystem” (with our own developed framework) and the experience culture

3. Learning and training workshops on digital transformation, innovation planning, intrapreneurship programs, preparing team for the new business models and platforms, challenges from new technologies, changing customer’s behavior and demands

4. New product development like mobile apps or designing new customer experience or any technology related support

5. Collaboration with external ecosystem of startups, entrepreneurs community and technology experts

Do get in touch to be part of your digitization, digitalization or digital transformation journey.

Digital Transformation Ecosystem Services