Hospitality Industry: Post Covid Transformation

Hospitality Industry: Post Covid Transformation – A New Guest Experience

Hospitality industry faces a huge challenging and daunting task: re-establishing trust with the customers after the initial lockdown and closures intended to flatten the rise of COVID-19 cases. Across the globe, most hotels have closed or ceased their operations.

Leadership at hospitality industry has to assure the public that our facilities are safe, reliable and we are following the strict guidelines and protocols set up the healthcare professionals and government. Trust is essential and trust is derived from safety measures that are communicated well. With the help of latest technologies, an automated contactless system can be designed at the hotels where customers are not only screened thoroughly, but surface contact is minimized or avoided completely.

There can be plenty of ways to build the trust and resume the business.

1. Measure to Build Trust and Transparency

a. Safety and care of your employees on the highest priority like arrangements for the Personal Protection Equipments kits for the staff, protective shielding at reception, training of all the employees on Corona safety for themselves and the customers

b. Real time information sharing on your digital channels (website, mobile apps) about the
i. Room occupancy
ii. Room cleanliness, timings, kinds of disinfectants used, air filters etc
iii. Availability of the Corona testing
iv. Quarantine facilities

2. To Focus on Contactless, Use Technology and Automation

a. Online booking facility
b. Use of contact tracing app to check the status of the customer and recent history in any hotspot areas
c. Only mobile check in
d. Only cashless (even contactless) payment
e. Use of sensors to avoid any contact of the customers to the surface like sensor based lighting / fans, taps etc
f. Use of robots at reception and in serving customers
g. Facial recognition technology or mobile apps for verification and door lock in

3. Social Distancing

a. No banquet dinning
b. Reduced occupancy
c. No gym / spa / swimming pool facilities for the economy bookings. On premium bookings, the same facilities can be provided for individuals, groups or families.

4. Enhanced cleanliness, sanitization and hygiene as per the standard protocol of the government

5. Thermal screening at the entrance

This is just an indicative list. We at Transform partner can suggest and work on many more customer enhancing experiences using technology, to bring in more customers / revenues and mitigating the losses due to the current pandemic. Do contact us.