Pain Points of the Digital Transformation

The biggest pain points and problems in the Digital Transformation for the companies:

• Unclear Road map: Uncertain technology and products
• In-house vs. Outsourced
• Availability of the digital skills and talent
• Organisational resistance to change
• Expensive investments in “#Innovation” centers and new acquisitions
• Avoiding #research to reduce the cost
• Limited, scarce resources for new initiatives
• Producing a variety of digital innovations that cannibalize existing businesses
• Lack of integration of innovations
• #ROI focus: Management focused on short-term results, with limited future leadership and vision
• Competition
• New #startup competition that increases risks from transformations, including new business models as well as new #technology

Senior #leadership has the challenges and need to bring together all the tech advances, sort out the problems, drive revenue growth and deliver values.

At Open Consulting Group, we are primarily targeting these pain-points. Our in-depth experience of the digital transformation processes in various verticals, access to the required skills and talent, hands-on exposure with new product and innovation are giving us an edge and opportunity to ease the complete process of the digital transformation.