Digital Healthcare Trends in 2020

Digital Healthcare Trends in 2020

Nine opinion leaders in digital health – John Nosta, Rafael Grossmann, Aline Noizet, Brian de Francesca, Irma Rastagayeva, Eugene Borukhovich, Maneesh Juneja, Nana Bit-Avragim, and Levi Shapiro – answered a seemingly simple and open-ended question: What are your predictions about trends in digital health and healthcare in 2020?

Before diving into the future, here is a brief overview of some of the digital health-related news that resonated in media in 2019:

  1. Telemedicine becoming a new normal in the US
  2. Tech giants leaving marks in healthcare
  3. Germany leading eHealth in Europe
  4. For AI, look at China
  5. Pharma stepping out of the digital therapeutics space


2020: Redefined experience, further progress of Digital Transformation and new expectation about investments, quantum computing

  1. Experience shift
  2. Positive future for digital therapeutics
  3. Tech giants moving forward, on-premise healthcare increasing in the US
  4. Europe: retail health and new innovation efforts
  5. Rethinking of knowledge transfer and fundraising models in digital health.
  6. Quantum computing and telecommunications regulators
  7. 3D printing is on
  8. Shifts in the mindset about innovation, knowledge transfer and financing