Rebranding Statement

Dated: September 25th, 2018

Rebranding Statement

Glad to inform that after eight years of successful journey of our consultancy:, we have decided to rebrand it and give it a new identity to harmonize with our vision and mission for digital transformation, innovation and technology. We have always encouraged our clients in their digital journey. Therefore we selected a new name which justifies our action and it is: “Transform Partner”. We are the partner in the digital transformation journey of our clients from beginning till successful implementation.

Our new logo symbolizes simplicity targeting growth, but with risk and challenges. T stands for Transformation which is risky a decision. T also stands for technological advancements, without which transformation cannot happen.

P stands for Partner which indicates our partnership and support to the risky journey of the transformation. P also stands for people, processes and products which are the major pillars of the success in the digital transformation journey.

As a partner we support our client with knowledge, skills, experience and technology. Oblique grey line indicates upward growth which is possible with strong bonding between the transformational strategies and reliable partner’s support and collaboration.

We look forward to your same love, enthusiasm and support to make “Transform Partner” a well known brand and synonym for the success in the digital transformation journey of the corporate, government bodies and startups.

Let’s learn, share and grow together.

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