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funding for Indian Startups
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Funding for Startups in India

We have started working with Indian Startups, Entrepreneurs, Founders and Investors. We have come on board with them to help them in business planning, digital strategies, product development, execution of their venture as well as we are facilitating funds or investment from investors in our network.  We have successfully secured funding for couple of ventures…
cost of indecisiveness and wrong decisions
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Cost of indecisiveness and wrong decisions

The idea of writing this blog post came after talking to many prospective leads that have been in touch with us since last few years and months. Most of them are start-ups and entrepreneurs based in UK itself. It has been many months since they have started their projects. In the beginning, they were in…
Start-up Entrepreneurs
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Free consultation offer for the start-up and entrepreneurs

As promised last month, we’re bringing new offers for the start-ups and entrepreneurs. We’re offering them free consultation services for their digital marketing and social media management. Any entrepreneur who has started or planning to start up his venture can get in touch with us and we will provide them free* consultation services. We’ll guide…