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influencer marketing
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Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is an exciting strategy with “84% of marketers worldwide saying they would launch at least one influencer campaign within the next 12 months” according to eMarketer. Yet there are many #marketers unsure how to start influencer relations programs, what can be achieved and how to measure success. There are also several challenges such…
Disruption Strategy
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Success Strategy for Disruption

The fundamental definition of how customers experience and interact with a #bank is being challenged and redefined, and leading companies face competition from a myriad of disruptors. KPMG in its report “Setting Course in a disruptive market place” offers 5 Steps for a positive #DigitalTransformation to the financial institutions hoping to capitalize on rather than…
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Some Excerpts from the Book: Leading Digital

Some excerpts from the book on Digital Transformation: Leading Digital – Turning Technology into Business Transformation by @George Westerman , @Didier Bonnet and @Andrew McAfee : • Digital transformation needs us all to think seriously about how we can become a master of digitisation rather than a victim. • Digital Masters use technology to increase…
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Myths and Realities of the Digital Transformation

Myths and Realities of the Digital Transformation Trying to be prepared for a single moment is why your digital transformation is failing, says the Industry X.0 lead at Accenture UK. In a recent Accenture survey of more than 1,000 industrial company executives, only 13% said their companies are getting both cost-saving efficiencies and new growth…
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Importance of External Consultancies to the Digital Transformation

Yesterday someone asked about the importance of external consultancies to the digital transformation of the corporate during a discussion on LinkedIn. Just summarizing the values consultants like us can bring on the table: • Expertise • Experience of different industries and domains • Working exposure with competitors • #Technology trends • Hands on experience with...
Happy Bday transformpartner
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6th Anniversary of our Brand

We are celebrating the 6th Anniversary of our Brand – ‘’.  Come and join the success celebrations of our Digital Transformation Agency – a Brand Creating Brands!! The journey which started on November 3rd, 2010 has completed six years of successful business. Today has become a brand which is now helping other companies and…
Digital in India - transformpartner
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You are still in Crèche, Digital in India!

India is changing. This is my observation during current stay in India. I have visited India many times in last 8 years, but this time India is different. There is lot of positivity and optimism. The pace of change might be slow, but impact is clearly visible. I have traveled across many cities in India…
Problems of the SMEs and startups
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Problems of the SMEs and Startups

Last week I was talking to an acquaintance, who is running a small business from home. He has been trying to acquire new customers, but is facing many problems like any other SME or start up business. 1. Don’t know how to acquire the new customers 2. Don’t have technical knowledge or skills 3. Don’t…
cost of indecisiveness and wrong decisions
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Cost of indecisiveness and wrong decisions

The idea of writing this blog post came after talking to many prospective leads that have been in touch with us since last few years and months. Most of them are start-ups and entrepreneurs based in UK itself. It has been many months since they have started their projects. In the beginning, they were in…