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KIA ad conversation
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Turn Advertising into Conversations

Everything is becoming more conversational; whether it's through devices such as your phone, your speaker and eventually your car...We asked ourselves, 'Hey if this shift is happening, why can't marketing be more conversational?' Co-founder and ex-Google adman Vic Fatnani told TechCrunch The concept of interactive advertising is not new, however the layer of richness added...
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Rebranding Statement

Dated: September 25th, 2018 Rebranding Statement Glad to inform that after eight years of successful journey of our consultancy:, we have decided to rebrand it and give it a new identity to harmonize with our vision and mission for digital transformation, innovation and technology. We have always encouraged our clients in their digital journey....
digital transformation culture
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Digital Transformation is Culture Driven

Culture change is probably the hardest part of a digital transformation. While it is relatively easy to adopt technological solutions and take less time, changing the organisation culture requires patience and can be time-consuming. The leadership must be prepared to engage and empower the employees in this journey and most importantly lead by example. •...
digital skill gap
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Digital Skill Gap

Traditional businesses are being disrupted and outplayed by digitally-adept competitors, who are proving better able to meet the needs of customers. In response, many traditional organisations are investing in digital technology to drive internal change. These are commendable endeavors. But the real challenge of digital transformation is to bridge the skills gaps of your employees....
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OTP Cost: Is the Industry Feeling the Pinch?

OTP cost: Is the industry feeling the pinch and started passing the cost directly to customers? One Time Password is one of the most widely used method to verify the authenticity, genuineness and validity of the users on mobile and internet transactions in India. Millions of OTP are generated every day. Most of the service...
World Economic Forum: Maximizing the Return of Digital Investments
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Maximizing the Return of Digital Investments

As per the World Economic Forum latest white paper on #DigitalTransformation and Maximizing the Return on Digital Investments: "It is not enough to have a chief digital officer. The digital agenda must be driven from the top." Some Excerpt: Five key enablers to maximize the return on digital investments emerged from the discussions with industry...
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Corporate Workshop for Innovation and Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation has become a complex initiative for the organisations because of many pain points in the process and innumerable challenges: • Unclear road map, uncertain technology and unclear product road maps due to rapid advances • Dilemma of in-house vs. outsourcing • Lack of digital skills and talent • Internal organizational resistance to change...
Future Factory Manufacturing
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Factory of the Future

From advanced #robotics in R&D labs to computer vision in warehouses, #technology is making an impact on every step of the manufacturing process. #Manufacturing is become increasingly more efficient, customized, modular, and automated. But factories remain in flux. Manufacturers are known to be slow adopters of technology, and many may resist making new investments. But…
Pain Point of the Digital Transformation
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Pain Points of the Digital Transformation

The biggest pain points and problems in the Digital Transformation for the companies: • Unclear Road map: Uncertain technology and products • In-house vs. Outsourced • Availability of the digital skills and talent • Organisational resistance to change • Expensive investments in “#Innovation” centers and new acquisitions • Avoiding #research to reduce the cost •…